This morning, while I was thinking I need to write about the fragility of the holy, or maybe the fragility of our perception of the holy,  I saw the iris in the side yard blooming early, two weeks early, and I did not worry about global warming; I reclaimed the word “awesome” and applied it.

I saw that the earth in the cold frame is exploding with spinach and chard that I planted two months ago and failed to thin because thinning feels like murder and a sadness, but I did not dwell on murder and sadness, nor overcrowding; I watered the glad sociability of all those green leaves.

This morning, I looked at the road in front of my home and let pass the memory I will always have of the trail of feathers left by my sweet hen as the bobcat carted her off;  in its place I saw a soft geometry of light, the rising sun limning shadows of living trees.

Then I considered the velvety nubbins budding from the bony forehead of the young buck who sometimes visits, and did not wonder if they hurt him;  I imagined the antlers he is quietly making, their role in the bold and secret matter of deer love.

This morning, I loved the world.


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  1. I just happen to stumble on your blog and am so glad I did. The way you write and define your life experience is unique and imbued with wisdom. Thanks for sharing your vivid experience and learnings of life.


    1. What a gracious compliment; thank you. And thank you for reading and commenting!

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      1. My pleasure.

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  2. memories and the holy.. the smell of the iris in my mom’s backyard.. so sweet Thanx for taking me back to innocence.


    1. You’re welcome; I’m glad the reading had that effect.


  3. I love the concept “the fragility of the holy”. Beautiful!

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    1. Thank you! I appreciate that you took the time to read and comment.


  4. What a great uplifting read for the end of the week. Thanks for the awesome words and pics!


    1. You’re very welcome. Thank you for reading, and for your appreciation!

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  5. A marvelous post for spring, Cate, just profound.


    1. Why, thank you! I hope you and yours (human and animal) are enjoying the season.


  6. Stunning! And yes, what an inspiring morning it is in our little valley.


    1. Indeed! Every now and then my grumpy self is overwhelmed by clear seeing. Not often, but sometimes. 🙂


  7. My heart just melted when I saw the picture of the young buck. What a beautiful post. Thank you. Feeling grateful.


    1. You’re so welcome; it’s sweet to think of other folks feeling grateful in their little portions of this big world.

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