O, you champion!

Offering your lithe and silken
palm to the unscrupulous air, the
sum of your long, invisible efforts
emerged from winter’s sleep:

The cupped green sepals,
the rising pistil;
the delicate stamen,
capped with the soft anther
that carries your posterity.

The perennial turning of
your petaled face

toward lethal possibility:
The late frost.
The violent wind and pelting rain.
The reckless squirrel; the careless bird.


the unmade promise, fulfilled:
Warm mild days into which you
open and open to the plump
thighs of bees saddled
with your golden pollen.
The benign neglect of
every mischief.

O, you champion!

The high-stakes gamble of your
fleeting existence, the willing leap
into netless air.  The calm courage of
your perfect presence in the
capricious window of your uncertain life.
All you are, given to any fate.

O, you champion!





  1. Beautifully written poem for its great imagery. Love your photography skills too. You definitely have an eye for detail observation in human reactions and nature. All this is reflected in your writing and photos. Great work!


    1. Thank you for your kind encouragement; I am grateful for your appreciation and supportive comments!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Love this – especially the plump bee thighs. And though written specific to blooms, an underlying truth of “capricious window of … uncertain life” is universal … Glad I am alive right now, reading this!


    1. Indeed! Our lives are not more assured than the blossoms’, though we typically lack their equanimity in opening to all possibilities. Thank you for reading and commenting.


  3. Hi Cate: This is a beautiful poem! I’m re-blogging it in my blog to share it with more readers, I hope you don’t mind? Let me know. Amira


    1. I’m honored. Thank you for your appreciation!


    1. Thank you for sharing this!


      1. You are most welcome Cate 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

  4. Beautiful


    1. Thank you.


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