When I grow up


Foster kitten Buffy studies a caracal as it descends from an acrobatic leap. The African wild cat can jump 10 feet into the air to snag birds in flight. Buffy can jump 10 inches into the air and land squarely on her brother Spike.




  1. Michele Sproull · · Reply

    Kitty cat TV!!! Their other surrogate mother.


    1. And I swore I’d never use the TV as a babysitter for my kids.


  2. Love!
    And Spike and Buffy were a match made in – er – hell?


    1. Indeed! But somehow I always related more to Spike than Angel; he was more complex, and so vulnerable at the core. Not that I got hooked on a fantastical TV series about vampires (but so much more) or anything. 🙂


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