I realize, suddenly, that I am falling
That behind this closed door, this everyday hardness,
Lies still the door flung wide, a soft sadness that opens onto

a long descent: the intractable span
between beginnings and endings,
dreams and reality,
then and now.

We speak of falling in love,
but there are other ways to fall.
Deeper.  Longer.

Some small thing squeezes into the shuttered heart:
The discarded cat, cold and hungry beneath the bird feeder,
or its fletched and fragile kill, bright eyes dimming.
Your father’s shuffling gait behind the walker.
A memory, sharp with joy, of love at the beginning,
of what we felt before we felt something other than love.

Not so much, then, the heart breaking,
which might be completed.
Rather, the heart continually falling through space,
tumbling down the distance and through the years,
limned by a terrible tenderness,
an unanswerable longing.

That good would endure. Love prevail.
Not always perfection, but perfection finally,
and of a kind we might recognize:
Impeccable. Unassailable.
All the brokenness made whole.
At the end of this dark falling:  Light.







  1. seems promising
    falling into light 🙂


    1. One can hope, anyway.


  2. This is really stunning. Thank you. Yes, it is an openness that keeps breaking.


    1. I’m glad it resonated for you. Thank you for reading, and for your appreciation.


  3. It is beautiful and haunting through the tumbling, downward spiral before light is met by the end, a tad unexpectedly, but offering solace nonetheless. You have stringed compelling imagery in the middle, and stunning revelations.


    1. What a lovely appreciation; thank you so much.


  4. Deep and meaningful, and resonates with me, too.


    1. I’m glad it does. Thank you.


  5. Hits me. Wow! gorgeous and captures a lot of what I’m feeling this morning. Thank you for this gift.


    1. Thanks, Steph. So glad it touched you.


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