Blood moon
Manitou Springs, Colorado
Sept. 27, 2015


Rerunning to honor the self-effacing moon, quiet cause of today’s fuss over her grandstanding brother …



  1. Erica Hunter · · Reply

    I miss the North Carolina crickets. Glad Manitou has some, but I don’t hear them here on the Westside.


  2. Donde fue tomada esta? La imagen es muy hermosa. Es increible que solo 1 de cada 3 eclipses lunares son total y alrededor de 4 a 5 eclipses totales se puede ver desde cualquier ubicacion unica en la Tierra en una decada.


    1. Gracias por sus amables comentarios. I took this photo at my home in Manitou Springs, Colorado, United States. And yes — a good view of a total eclipse is a gift, and a good view of a super moon/blood moon eclipse an amazing treasure. Here is an nicely informative link about that particular eclipse:


      1. Gracias, me gusto mucho la lectura de la infomacion que ha enviado, esperamos que tenga una agradable velada.

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        1. Gracias. ¡Cuidate!


        2. Gracias, Igualmente.


  3. muy hermosa y misteriosa verdaderamente despierta la imaginacion de uno.


  4. Never know what to expect hiting play…. very nice moon pictures, accompanied with night sounds 🙂


    1. Thanks, Ann. Turns out an eclipse doesn’t have much of a soundtrack, but the visuals that night were spectacular, and the crickets and neighborhood dog cooperated :).

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  5. Frogs and dogs


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