Snowy tree cricket (Oecanthus fultoni)*
My basement
August 19, 2016

*Thanks to entomologist extraordinaire Whitney Cranshaw, Colorado State University, for the identification and this interesting tidbit: O. fultoni has been used as an indicator of temperature, employing a formula based on the number of chirps per minute.  This little guy is now safely outside, where his chances of attracting a mate (as opposed to my cats) are much better. 



  1. Way cool indeed – critter, sound and accompanying notes! Also what does “featured on freshly pressed” mean? Thank you


    1. Freshly Pressed was a showcase of selected WordPress blog posts, curated by WordPress editors. Discover is the current name of this round-up, similarly curated. I’m honored to have had posts featured in each forum.


  2. Reblogged this on Eloquent Existence and commented:
    What a lovely sound.


  3. image a whole
    chorus 🙂

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  4. Very cool!


    1. I thought so, too. One little cricket is quite loud, but it was fun to have an unusual visitor in the house.


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