Pluto vindicated

disneyplutofullLet me begin this post by acknowledging that I am among the millions of sensitive people who have long been dismayed by the establishment’s dismissive treatment of Pluto.

Like many of you, I grew up loving Pluto, who has been around since 1930.  Sure, he didn’t have the star power of marquee characters like Mickey Mouse and Snow White; in fact, he didn’t even have a voice.

But that wasn’t his fault.  Anyone can see that Disney writers never understood him and didn’t appreciate his strengths.  I was aware, even as a child, that he had been unjustly relegated to the status of bit player:  sweetly silly, but not Goofy enough.  Common-looking, and yet a tad too orange.

So I was not entirely surprised, in 2006, when Pluto was formally demoted.  He wasn’t good enough to run with the big boys, the establishment said. Too small, and he had a cluster of hangers-on who — to more perceptive minds  — might have added to his charm, but were instead viewed as detracting from his prominence: Charon, Styx, Nix, Kerberos and Hydra. He didn’t command his own space.

This is so effin arbitrary.    I mean, look at them:

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Contrast Pluto’s pals with Snow White’s minions, who, though deeply unattractive,  have become stars in their own right. And they are actual dwarfs:


Is this fair? No!

So, after quietly chafing over the injustice done Pluto for nearly a decade, I am thrilled at the long overdue attention he is currently getting. Having finally given Pluto the respect of a closer look, those who once dismissed him are now singing his praises:  You’re bigger than we thought, they’re saying. You have more depth, more variety; a kind of youthful vigor.  You’re actually  … impressive!

Well, duh.

So, let’s savor the moment.  Let’s each take a little time to affirm and celebrate Pluto’s vindication, and our own:

You are beautiful, and worthy.  We knew it all along.



  1. Me, too: Both of them. 🙂


  2. Love Pluto 🙂


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