babyverycloseYesterday’s fledging of four baby robins born beneath my garage eaves was an all-day affair, with the first out of the nest shortly after 6 a.m., and the last still in at 7 p.m.  But the straggler appeared gone when I awoke this morning, and I’ve seen Mom feeding two of the youngsters, one perched in a tree and the other in a shrub not far from the nest box.

Dad has been busy chasing off magpies who might threaten his kids;  the magpies, I’ve noted, are busy chasing off squirrels who might threaten theirs.

It’s a treacherous time: Fledglings are inept fliers, vulnerable to all sorts of malice and mischief. As my eyes and ears acclimated to daybreak, I could see and hear, all around me, bird parents at work and on guard.


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  1. Thanks, Ann. I’m seeing the parents and youngsters regularly in the yard; all seems well. Mom and Dad are each occasionally taking well-deserved birdbath breaks away from the kids. 🙂

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  2. Such lovely images 🙂


  3. sweet home
    birdie offering 🙂


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