b.h. grosbeak

Thirty generations of birds;  three generations of birders.

Black-headed grosbeak

Sound: William R. Fish, Monterey County, California, April 1953

Image: Cate Terwilliger,  Manitou Springs, Colorado, May 2015



  1. Susan Lukwago · · Reply

    Please pardon the potential over-spiritualization but I have to say this: how can you see such a beautiful bird and hear such beautiful sounds captured by excellent photograph (and all that is entailed in that) and not believe in a purposeful creator? Or believe at least in an intentional process of creation … wait is that evolution?


  2. I got your drift. 🙂


  3. Truly beautiful and I love the sound of the little birds….not so much the bigger ones. We have lots and lots of seagulls and magpies around here and the sound they make are really way to load.


    1. Oh my, loud I mean, not load 🙂


  4. Mine, too –and darned if I didn’t get serenaded by a black-headed grosbeak on my run this morning! Thanks for reading and commenting.


  5. Theanne aka magnoliamoonpie · · Reply

    music to my ears 🙂


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