Goodbye for now

strawiceAt least a week of warmth and sunshine commences today after an uncommonly cold and snowy stretch in my neck of the woods.

Colorado Front Range winters don’t amount to much for those of us who have experienced the arctic Upper Midwest or other regions in which winter is less a season than a protracted siege.  So, I’ll miss the sparkly white stuff and the bracing clarity of frosty air.

But my cabin-feverish hens and cats will be glad to be back out on bare earth again.  And I can understand the jubilation of friends who have felt about our recent, robust bout of winter much as they might about  the overly long visit of a beloved but eventually tiresome relative:  How can we miss you if you won’t go away?

It’s going away.  And I’m already missing the intricate geometry of ice and snow,  jagged and soft:


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  1. I love that exclamation point of an icicle!


    1. Good eye. I didn’t see that until you did. But yes, of course!


  2. I’m ready for the cold to dissipate, but know that by July I’ll be whining about the heat…


    1. Aren’t we humans just like that?

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      1. Yep, we are.


  3. Great photos 🙂


    1. Thank you!

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