The sky bears had a pillow fight

cardinalcropIt’s snowing again, and it’s drop-dead beautiful:  white and wondrous and packed with the moisture we so badly need along the semi-arid Front Range to head off a summer of drought and wildfire.

And oh,  the hush of  heavy snow, the muffling of man-made noise!  The hush.

Maybe it would be different if I lived in blizzard-battered Boston or Buffalo, or back in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, where I  shoveled and snowblowed through eight epic winters. I might be complaining about the frigid air, or the crappy roads, or the relentless inconvenience of all this Nature.

But I’m back home in the sunny Colorado Rockies, and I feel  like singing.  So does one of my friends, who left this song on my answering machine.

It snowed last night.

It snowed last night.

The sky bears had a pillow fight.

They tore up every cloud in sight,

and tossed down all the feathers white.

Oh, it snowed last night.

It snowed last night…

One more time, with some favorite images from winters past and present:


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  1. Susan Lukwago · · Reply

    We are gratefully experiencing much of the same beautiful snow, moisture. You take beautiful pictures Cate


  2. Susan Lukwago · · Reply

    Cliché but hopefully appropriate – Wow


  3. The cardinal and grosbeak are from my U.P. days — also Spot’s reaction to BIG snow. I like your mom’s angel pillows explanation; one way or another, I’ll always think of feathers when it snows now. Thanks for reading and responding, dear Jane!


  4. LOVE those flashes of red against the white in your cardinal, grosbeak and lantern pics especially. And Spot’s joy!

    I haven’t heard the sweet “sky bears” song before; how wonderful. My mom used to utter that other folklore phrase on days like these: “The angels are shaking out their feather pillows.”


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